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Advanced Licensing And Copy Protection

With Full C# (.NET) AND C++ (x86/x64) Source Code !

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SoftActivate Licensing SDK - Advanced Software Licensing and Copy Protection

SoftActivate Licensing SDK is an award-winning suite of client / server software licensing and copy protection components designed to offer maximum security and flexibility.

Featuring strong, industry-standard encryption and advanced features such as online and over-the-phone software activation, our SDK ensures that all your bases are covered, from the moment the customer clicks on the "Buy Now" button until the moment your software is licensed on customer's computer.

SoftActivate Licensing SDK Features

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    NEW ! Protect Your Software with License Keys and Activation with only ONE line of source code !

    Add full licensing, trial and activation to your software with only one line of source code using our customizable license manager with full user interface !

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    Secure License Key Generation and Validation

    Generate license keys that are digitally signed using industry-standard cryptography, 100% secure, yet compact and easy to type, dictate or print on CDs/DVDs.

  • 2

    Online Software Activation with Included Licensing Server

    Full support for online or over-the-phone software activation, including an activation server with optional full source code. You can now lock your software to a specific computer.

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    E-Commerce Integration

    Automatically send customizable emails with license keys to your customers. FastSpring, PayPal, RegNow and ShareIt support, with more to come.

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    Full Source Code Available as Option

    Full source code is available in the Enterprise/Ultimate edition of the SDK (written in both C# and C++), should you need maximum control and peace of mind over your licensing process.

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    Advanced Hardware ID Generation

    Generate hardware id strings that still match even if hardware components of the computer are replaced

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    Trial Versions Support

    Incorporate trial functionality into your application. The trial version will expire in a chosen number of days.


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    Priced for small to large businesses

    More cost effective yet more flexible than other similar solutions on the market

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    System Requirements

    SoftActivate Licensing SDK requires a Windows operation system, with a minimum of Windows XP SP3. The SoftActivate Licensing Server requires a shared Windows hosting account or a Windows dedicated machine, with IIS 6 and SQL Server 2005 Express at a minimum. For development, Visual Studio 2008+ is required.
    Note: for Professional Edition customers, we are also offering a partial Linux port of the SDK (no activation support).

and start protecting your software !