Advanced Software Licensing and Protection
for Windows, OS X and Linux

with Full C++ (x86/x64) and C# (.NET) Source Code !

and start protecting your software !

SoftActivate Licensing SDK Features

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    NEW ! Protect Your Software with License Keys and Software Activation with only ONE line of source code !

    Add full licensing, trial and activation to your software with only one line of source code using our customizable license manager with full user interface !

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    Secure License Key Generation and Validation

    Generate license keys that are digitally signed using industry-standard cryptography, 100% secure, yet compact and easy to type, dictate or print on CDs/DVDs.

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    Online Software Activation with Included Licensing Server

    Full support for online or over-the-phone software activation, including an activation server with optional full source code. You can now lock your software to a specific computer.

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    NEW ! Apple OS X and Linux software licensing (beta)

    You can now compile and use the SDK with OS X and Linux applications !

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    E-Commerce Integration

    Automatically send customizable emails with license keys to your customers. FastSpring, PayPal, RegNow and ShareIt support, with more to come.

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    Download Manager

    Restrict certain file downloads to only your customers, requiring a license key for download

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    Advanced Hardware ID Generation

    Generate hardware id strings that still match even if hardware components of the computer are replaced

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    Trial Versions Support

    Incorporate trial functionality into your application. The trial version will expire in a chosen number of days.


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    Full Source Code Available as Option

    Full source code is available in the Enterprise/Ultimate edition of the SDK (written in both C# and C++), should you need maximum control and peace of mind over your licensing process.

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    Priced for small to large businesses

    More cost effective yet more powerful and flexible than other similar solutions on the market

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    System Requirements

    SoftActivate Licensing SDK can be used to protect Windows (.NET and native), OS X and Linux applications. Linux and OS X software licensing support is only available in 'Enterprise for x86/x64' and 'Ultimate' editions. The SoftActivate Licensing Server requires a shared Windows hosting account or a Windows dedicated machine, with IIS 6 and SQL Server 2005 Express at a minimum. For development, Visual Studio 2008+ is required.
    Note: for Professional Edition customers, we are also offering a partial Linux port of the SDK (no activation support).